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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  June 30, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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last dish and animal rights activist row joyce.
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>> ama: good evening. >> alan: in just one hour it will be illegal to sell, produce, or serve foie gras in california. >> the ban was driven by an i-team investigation that began in 2003. we sent tomas ramon to see the final plates being served tonight. >> it's the end of an eight-year long food fight, and animal activist won the ban of foie gras here in california, and while they were celebrating, chefs were serving up record portions of the duck and goose liver in their packed restaurant. >> foie gras was flying out of
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this san francisco restaurant kitchen that wanted to serve the delicacy. here at alexander steak house -- [chanting] >> diners feasted on the duck and goose liver last night. >> it's good, but i -- i mean, i'm not missing anything in my life if i never eat it againishing here at alexander steak house, the toy foie gras was a huge success. >> alexander's is where protesters decided to denounce the last mass feeding on the liver of the animals they say suffer the extreme cruelty of force-feeding to provide what the call a questionable delicacy. >> california ya legislators did the right thing when they passed the ban. >> an i-team report sowed the seeds for the ban in the california legislature eight years ago. tonight, a dozen san francisco
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restaurants said goodbye to he liver, at this restaurant on sacramento street, enough liver for 50 people were delivered. >> last knight of foie gras, can have it on anything for $5. >> the restaurant was fill with customers for the meal, as was this restaurant. the executive director says he has never seep such a response to this dish, specially sense they have had a farewell to foie gras special for the past 12 days and have gone through 40-pounds in two days alone. >> people have been putting it on french fries, own the side dish, on the salmon, sure -- sushi. >> sad commentary these people are indulging in something that is a result of cruelty. >> the chef says the fight isn't over. chefs and restaurant owners working to try to overturn the ban. animal rights activists say they're going sue to make sure the ban stays in place in san
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francisco, abc-7 news. >> ama: a number of other knew state laws will also take effect starting tomorrow. they include a law that requires health cake insurers to provide coverage for behavioral treatment of autism. and piercing artists and those who apply permanent cost met ticks have to register with a local government and receive annual health and safety train can. >> there's a new law that requires dealers to mark used vehicles with bright red warning stickers if they're listed as junk, salvage or damaged by floods in the national take addiction. >> aldon smith is recovering after being stand as -- stabbed at a house party, his wounds are being described as mine you're. this is not expected to set him back. sheriffs deputies say shots were fired at a house around 2:00 a.m. this morning. that's in rural santa clara county. aside from smith, deputies found two other people with gunshot
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wounds. they were all taken to the hospital. the investigators would not say how a fight was started. the 49ers say we're in contact with aldon and thankful his injuries were not more serious and he is recovering comfort reply. >> acknowledge armed robbery leads police on a chase that ended in guck gun fire. the suspect was spotted by officers and eventually crashed at the 600 block of sheridan. sergio quintana has the details. >> in the video shot by a neighbor you can hear officers shouting at the suspect. then a hale of gunfire. this was a violent to end what began as a 9-1-1 call about an armed robbery at these convenience store on wilson avenue this morning. the suspect sped off in this white jeep cherokee that investigators say had been reported stolen in concord. sheriff's deputies spotted a suspect and eled them on a chase that ended when he slammed
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through a yard, took out a hire height drand and smashed into this garage. the suspect them took off on foot and tried to hide, and the police searched. >> the cops in front, and then walk outside and the cop comes back in the house. >> there were two other officers on the side, and they came in through our backyard. there were several shots fire. >> watching the video shot by a neighbor again, you can see that officers seemed to converge on the backyard of a home, then shout something, presumably at the suspect, before opening fire. gun -- two vallejo officers are on paid administrative leave, which i standard following an officer-involved shooting. the suspect's name has not been released but police say he is someone they have crossed paths we before. >> we were familiar with him but we haven't positively i.d.ded him. just something we're following up on.
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>> alan: rodney king, the man who asked, can we all just get along, was buried today in los angeles. he was captured on video being beaten by l.a. police officers in 1991. led to the acquittal of four white officers and the most destructive race riots in american history. he was 47 years old. >> dramatic pictures from the east coast after severe weather moved through causing power outages and strapping travelers. >> some homeowners couldn't believe how fast the massive storm formed. >> oh, my god. >> came so quick. jerked my door and i had to go inside because if i had come down the steps, that tree would have got me. >> the fierce winds raced across 12 states and topped 90 miles-per-hour in some places. >> it got very black and very windy, and my vehicle was rocking. >> carnage and death in several
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states. virginia was particularly hard hit. >> unfortunately so far we have been able to confirm six fatilities in virginia, all of them have been due to trees coming down. >> 27-year-old keith williams is one of the victims. the father of two was driving home from school at the height of the storm when a tree fell on his car, killing him in new jersey tragedy at a state camp ground. two cousins, aged two and seven, were killed when a pine tree fell on their tent. >> two families camping together in two tents, during the storm it got very scary for them. they combined in one tent. at some point. and the tree fell on the tent that was occupied. >> trees fell on many powerlines, creating a blackout that at one time affected more than three million people. it may take several days days to restore power to everybody. >> we may haven't some folks who have outages through to the end of the week. >> since so many states are affect bid the outage, it's
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difficult to find out of state crews to help restore power. , abc news. >> alan: tonight, firefighters are making progress on two of the most destruct stiff wildfires in colorado history. the waldo canyon fire near colorado springs is 45% contained. tomorrow people whose homes were burned will be allowed to cure the destruction. crews also expect to have the massive wildfire burning west of fort collins 40% contained. it destroyed more than 87,000 acres. >> in solano county the cause of a grass fire is under investigation. plumes of smoke could be seen from the highway. a combination of dry gast and gusty winds meat it challenging for firefighters. a helicopter making water drops helped put it out. investigators say the grass fire charred four or five acres. nobody was hurt. just ahead, the desperate search for a man who may have
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fall spoon the bay. >> alan: get rid of your wallet for good. phones could soon replace more than your credit cards. >> the lengths some moms are going through to protect their family from the growing violence. >> leigh: boy, some very dense fog being reported now in the golden gate bridge. mist and drizzle as well. all of that is going to move over the bay overnight tonight. how about the sunday
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>> alan: water service is back nobody oakland after two water main breaks on the same street.
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east bay mud crews ticketed the first break this morning but when the water was turned back on, another section of the water main cracked open. east bay mud says some of the clay pipes are over 100 years old. service was restored just after 5:00 this afternoon. >> the search for a missing dodgers fan who may have fallen into the bayll resume tomorrow morning. today volunteers, including family and friends searched the water but found no sign of the man. he disappeared after the baseball game. a friend told police he was in the car on his cell phone when morello stepped out of car and walked toward pier 42. when he lookedded up his friend was gone. >> i want to say i did everything i could possible to search for my nephew. >> even though morello was in shape he tide not know how to swim. family and friends are posting fliers along the embarcadero and
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chrissie field and are asking the public to keep an eye out. >> a san anselmo woman says an aggressive coyote attacked her two-year-old cat. a pet emergency specialist says it is very rare to see a cat survive a coyote attack. >> ama: from flower shops to taxis, more small businesses are using a mobile phone to swipe your credit card. the next is to get red of the credit card entirely. >> alan: richard hart reports on the drive to discover your next wallet. >> the top of the find. >> smartphones are revolutionizing transsasks for more than half of its eight million small business customers. >> they need to process payments away from where they used to, so, no longer behind the counter. tear actually out with their open customer. >> this week they hosted a forum for more than 100 phone
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innovators to sort out the future of your electronic wallet. >> you have the google proposing this is how we like to do it but you have companies like the carriers forming an association called eye sis, saying, don't use google. this is isis. >> you have twitter alumni saying use our technology. >> and then pay pall work only their own method. the question is, whose payment system is going to win. >> this company isworking on a solution, asking, why stop at mobile payments. >> identity, driver's license, passports, coupons, loyalty, standard payment things like series sacks master card, all that will happen on the wallet. >> airports are testing the technology so you can use your phone instead of printing a receipt or having your physical
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ticket. >> lawrence sanchez company, inside secure, has squeezed the technology not just on a chip but right on the smm card that recognizes your phone so your old phone can be set up. you can tap to make a payment or unlock a door. >> be able to get information on cameras i'm looking at it. >> we'll track the payment for you. you can connect to social networks and say i just stopped by the starbucks? want to join me. so you can connect the payment system to a device with internet connectivity. >> what's in your wallet or phone or whatever it is in with the next step in wallets. >> our weekend got extend but it was so shawl you probably didn't note. by national timekeep e added a second or what's called a leap second to the u.s. atomic clock in cosms that's because the earth is slow down.
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since 1972 the time for the earth to rotate a full solar day has slowed by 4 -- 24 seconds. the second was added to keep the world in synch. slow down. >> leigh: if you're traveling over the golden gate bridge tonight or tomorrow morning, you need to slow down, and you can see why. boy, reduced visibility, you can see from the golden gate bridge cam there, mist, drizzle, using the windshield wipers and low cloud started to move inland. in fact live doppler 7hd picking up this really nice -- you can see point reyes, and looking closer, and here's that san francisco span of the golden gate bridge shrouded in low clouds and fog, moving across the bay. mist and drills and all -- mist and drizzle and it's going to push inland overnight. so probably start off on the
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overcast side tomorrow morning, then break out into afternoon sunshine. check us these temperatures. balmy, mild out there antioch, 69. concord, 64. 65 in san rafael. napa, 63. low clouds and fog making an inversion layer close to surface, temperatures a little warmer than this time last night. here's the highlights. obviously the clouds are there. they'll move inland. we'll kind drizzle in the forecast as well. tomorrow morning, overcast, mist, drills, and -- drizzle, and then sunny and mild temperatures monday, and tuesday, and the special day, july 4th. overnight tonight, tomorrow morning, 8:00 a.m., foggy out there the clouds are just very widespread, pushed inland locations, and by noontime or so
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kind of backs off to just near the coast, and that's where i think most of the clouds will sit. overnight temperatures in the 60s, so we're going to be mild tonight with the mist and drills near the coast, mid-to upper 50s for the overnight lows. the culprit, lower pressure right here, trough of low pressure, right along this leading edge, strong westerly winds, onshore push and all the low clouds and fog out there now, as this low tracks to the north of us, we'll just increase overnight tonight. so cool onshore wind expected for your sunday, which means temperatures in some locations may run anywhere as two or three degrees cooler than where we were today. so, as we head into monday and tuesday, we reverse that, and you'll start to warm up a little bit. so, 80 tomorrow for los gatos. 77 for san jose. at the coast, 62. half hoop bay. palo alto, 75. san francisco, morning overcast, afternoon soon, 66.
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7 for napa. oakland tomorrow, 71. interior east bay, very mild. enjoy it. low 80s for antioch and brentwood. 80 for concord, and 73 with afternoon sun on the boardwalk in santa cruz. monday and tuesday, get a slight warmup. temperatures into 90s inland, and fourth of july, a little cooler but still a terrific day. hopefully the low clouds and fog will stay away so we can watch the fireworks. >> alan: shu is watching putt futbol. >> mike: the crowd got their
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to >> mike: we kick off with the california classic co. soccer fans watch thing earthquake and galaxy in a
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battle of northern and southern california. 41st minute, former earthquake landon donovan gives the galaxy a two-goal lead but the quakes cut the lead to one and then it's tied. then marvin chavez's corner kick makes it in. stoppage time. beckham kicks the ball at an injured earthquake. good shot, but some pushing and shoving ensues. beck earns a yellow card, quakes win 4-3. >> 50,000 people just yelling and screaming, going crazy. from minute one, and a big-time sports fan, keeps you going. >> a lot of frustration. that stuff can happen but we got to be better about keeping our head in that situation for sure. >> former giants skipper dusty baker and he reds ended the giants' run of four straight shutouts, walking through barry zito. the giant to be honored sunday,
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the bobblehead handed out today. hat to, handing out strikeouts. zito went six but walked six, including this bases are leaded situation. zito now 6-6. cairo, brings in kozar. now 2-1, latos goes the distance. only two hits given up. reds win their second straight, 2-1 he final. >> found the strike zone more than we're used to seeing and can ready get to him in the ninth a little bit there but you have to go out and try to 'split the series tomorrow. >> a's in texas. malone on the mound. struck out the side in the first. six strikeouts in five innings. chris carter called up from the minors yesterday where he hit a home run. does the same today.
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solo shot just clears the wall. adrian beltre ties it up with someone wing of the bat. a 1-1-ball game. instance -- kinsler, bloop singer. a run scores. josh hamilton, five-run fifth. rangers win 7-2. texas the first team to reach 50 wins this season. >> let's switch gears, tennis, cycling and golf, tiger woods had quite a round after the storm of the center back east. stick
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>> the first saturday at wimbledon, always a great day. for the american men, roddick and query both gone and fish moves on. serene lost their first set. wasn't moving that well. came back in the second, hitting one of their 23 a's.
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first set tiebreaker. now tied at second. he the return is wide. serena was pumped up. tour de france begins today in bill jump. fabian cancellara won in 7:13 and will open tomorrow stage one in the yellow jersey while lance armstrong fights off doping allegations again. >> let's tee it off in tiger tournament where an overnight storm wreaked havoc on the course, play was delayed for six hours. players could play but no finance fans were aloud on the -- allowed on the grounds. wood's birdie putt, ties at 67. one back. are you allowed to win your own torment? brandon dejonge, three birdies, the current leader at
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7-under. >> this abc sports report brought to you by river rock casino. coming it later, the x games from l.a. there's always fun. >> alan: still to come, the fight for mexico. the big election day ahead, and the vote could have a big impact right here at home. >> ama: students suspended for bullying a bus monitor, and now their victim talks about what she thinks of their
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>> ama: i'm ama daetz. >> alan: in tonight's headlines, less than half an hour to go before california says goodbye to foie gras. the fat 'ed goose or duck liver is a feet toured attraction at self restaurants, starting at knight the say is banned in california. >> aldon smith is on the mend from stab wounds he got at a huge house party this morning. smith was one of the people wounded at the party. the etwo suffered jusht gunshot wound. >> and cell phone video shot as a suspect was shot. >> the a close call at an ice cream store in concord. these are images of a scene sent
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to us by a viewer. a woman backing out, accelerated forward instead and crashed into the store on oak grove road. firefighters rescued an employee trapped behind the counter. she only had minor injuries and the driver was not hurt. the store is at the same enter section where a 49-year-old man and his daughter were struck and killed by an suv in april. >> in a few hours from now voters in mexico head the polls to choose their next president. at stake is how to deal with drug cartels and end the violence that has dremped mexico's streets with more than 50,000 dead. >> reporter: more than 50,000 people have been killed in mexico's drug wars. >> the three biggest issues of this campaign are what? >> it's violence, violence, and violence,. >> reporter: on on the campaign rail, the three leading
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candidates talk about how the war is fought. one wants to focus less on arresting drug cartel leaders and instead to concentrate on curbing violence on the streets here. to see how bad the violence is, look no further than this booming mexico city business. where every day cars are turned into armored safe havens. >> i would say in the last four years, the business has probably gone up maybe 1,000%. it's huge. >> especially among the u.s. border, regular families with means, not just politicians, are spending thousands so they can drive the street safely, just about everything in this mid-size suv is bullet resistant can from the windows to the doors and can withstand 15-20 rounds of bullets fired from the handgun. the owner, local businessman. >> here -- jorge says americans
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should pay tension. >> all eyesern turn to the vote, how it may change a nation that the united states needs to succeed. >> violence in mexico is causing concern for tomorrow's vote. election officials say things are so bad they haven't been able to prepare properly for the vote in several cities. >> the upstate new york school bus monitor who was bullied by four seventh grade boys says she is satisfied they're being spind for a year. the students videotaped themselves taunting the 68-year-old on the bus. part of their punishment includes 50 hours of community service with senior citizens. since the video was posted on youtube she has received an outpouring of support from strangers and says she is ready to talk to the boys who tormented her i- >> i would like to ask them why they did it? >> she says the best part of showing her ordeal to the public is that it has inspired parents to talk to their kids and teach them what they shouldn't do.
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>> a bizarre crime spree caught on tape but the most shocking part, the suspect was naked. this video shows a man being ordered to the ground by police in scottsdale, arizona. police say he stole a car, then crashed into another vehicle which led to a five-car pileup. after the crash the suspect stripped buck naked and tried to hijack another car, then jumped on top of it. officers quickly apprehended the man and took him into custody. >> just ahead, more drama surrounding tom cruise and katie holmes' pending divorce. >> dreams ofown are your own restaurant? you can now for two weeks at a time. >> leigh: i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. the fog is with us, h mist and drizzle, and possible live flight delays. we'll check out flights heading towards southern california and ,
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>> alan: more drama in the divorce for tom cruise and katie holme. here's the latest. >> reporter: from a fairy tale wedding to the battlefield of divorce court, katie holmes filed first in new york and asking for sole custody of their circumstance-year-old daughter surrey. in a statement she said her daughter was her primary concern, lead something tabloidses tabloidses to speck late scientology is behind the split.
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but the famously doting dad may now be fighting back. radar online is reporting tonight that tom cruise will file for joint custody in california. a custody battle could get messy. >> every bit of garbage in your life, before marriage, after marriage, is going to come out. not to mention the damage it's going to do to this little six-year-old girlishing it's widely believed their reported pre-nup agreement would give holmes a least $3 million a year for arch year she was married and child support. >> we have been saying he doesn't have a pre-nup. >> for years the couple fended off rumors their major was more than a sham. >> their representatives strongly denied reports of a marriage contract in the past, calling it garbage and a pack of lies. >> cruise split from million my rogers in 1990 and nicole kidman in 2001. weeks after their tenth anniversary. in the movie, eyes wide shut, cruise and kidnap play a couple
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whose marriage is put to the test. kidnap has said she was the one lined brine sided in her split. >> i heard you're getting divorced. >> for her there was a silver lining. >> i can wear heels now. >> and the timing couldn't be worse for cruise, who will likely be celebrate his 50th 50th birthday as a single man on tuesday. >> a big weekend already at the box office. >> you're home early. >> this is angelique, heavenly, serene, and sauvignon blank. i swear to god that's her name. >> the new comedy earned more than $20 million on its opening day yesterday. if the movie keeps up this pace it could be the second best debut ever for an r-rated comedy. >> alan: for everyone who ever had the dream of opening a restaurant or being a chef,
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there's an oakland restaurant fulfilling that fantasy. don sanchez has that story. >> it's a long day. >> not easy to be a chef. up early, prep time, and then customers come and cooking begin. welcome to guest chev, an entree into the world of restaurants. the idea of a real estate developer. >> provide people with an opportunity who often times to do something they always wanted to but never been able to. >> for two weeks, david and his daughter are guest chefs. he is the ceo of a biotechnology company, mattie will be a freshman at harvard. they're passionate about cooking. >> my mother is a fantastic cook and i learned a lot from her and i went to cooking school. >> we cook together a lot at home so it's an extension of that. >> always looked cooking, made started coong when she was five. >> she tuned into into martha
11:46 pm
stewart. they renamed the restaurant marco polo after the explorer. it's an asian italian menu. >> take traditional chinese herbs and blend them into italian recipes. >> lining adding invery or bamboo shoots. >> they have been filling the restaurant nightly. >> for them, it's about boning g and it actually led to a job. >> the chef had been applying at several restaurants. >> he invited the guys who ran the restaurant to watch him cook me and had a kitchen, he cooked. really good food, and he got a job. >> it's back to the read world after this, david's company is awaiting fda approval for a prostate cancer drug. made macs for university but they have memories. >> to be able to make people happy is fun. >> a new chef comes in next week. in oakland, abc-7 news.
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>> alan: for more information go to and click on "see it on tv". >> ama: score another win for the san francisco restaurant ranked behind only new york as traveler's favorite restaurant in the u.s. gary was the first in the ratings for favorite san francisco restaurant. then the house, burma superstar restaurant, and others. >> alan: you did that so well. >> am aim did my best. >> leigh: it will be misty tomorrow morning so some early morning flights, maybe delays. low clouds and fog. the low ceiling deck there. travel from san francisco, oakland or san jose, towards los angeles, call ahead to make sure the flight is on time. l.a. tomorrow, when you land, 76 degrees. 69 san diego. 107 in palm springs. if you're traveling elsewhere, 101 for denver. it will be 106 degrees in
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st. louis. ouch. atlanta, 103. and washington, dc, 99 degrees and a chance of a few isolated thunderstorms there. for us, the bay area, much cooler climate for us, low 80s inland, 82 for antioch, 80 for con covered. 56 for san francisco. santa rosa, 80. napa, 79. 77 for san jose. santa cruz, morning overcast with afternoon partial clearing. 73 degrees there further inland, warm into the 80s with gilroy, 82. now, a little cooler tomorrow with the mississippi and drizzle. then warm back up monday and tuesday, near out, and for july 4 income holiday, temperatures very pleasant, 80s and 60s at the coast. >> alan: now you can wake up to abc-7 news before you turn on your tv. that's right. a new alarm clock app for your iphone. set it before you go to bed and wake up to the bay area's latest
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headlines, weather forecast and traffic info right on your phone. we had our weather team record some special wakeup calls for you. the free alarm clock app is available now at the app store, just search for it, abc-7, san francisco alarm. >> enif you start typing it in, they come up. and it's free. >> mike: shu is here. >> ama: watching the x games was cool. >> mike: i've always loved the x games. hot wheels are making a compback in life-s
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>> mike: the 2012 summer x games continue in los angeles and every year they have something new and even more spectacular. this year it's hot wheels. tanner foust and greg tracey, driving who hot wheels car through a 66-foot double loop. not talking about the toy cars. real carves, check this out. both cars hit 52 miles-per-hour, ander and yeptsd 7g's or force and jumped over a small ramp. earlier today, skate park gold. the x games put the alternative sports on the map. they're calling it the california classico.
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50,000 fans watching the galaxy and earthquakes. fans are out in force because they love soccer. lap landon donovan gives the galaxy the lead. then the quakes cut the lead to one, and then it's tied at 3. san jose's marvin chavez, corner kick, knows how to score. earthquake up 4-#. and then david beckham kicks the ball at an injured earthquake. hits him. pushing and shoving ensues, beck gets a yellow card. nobody happy. >> 50,000 people just yelling and screaming, going crazy, from minute one, and big-time sport, and keeps you going. >> a lot of frustration. that can happen but we got to be better about keeping our heads. >> former giants skipper dusty baker has the giants number. the reds ended the giant's run
11:54 pm
of four straight shutouts last night. the world series jibeds honored on sunday. the bobble heads were handed out today. a latos on fire, zito went six and walked six, including this bases loaded situation in the fourth. 1-0 red. veto now 6-6. the reds get a little insurance in the seventh. the base hit brings in kozar. only two hits again up by latos. reds win, 2-1. >> delve it inly found the strike zone and had good rhythm, and couldn't really get to him except in the ninth a little bit there just have to tip your cap and go out and try to close the series tomorrow. >> a's and rangers in texas. a's lost two straight in arlington, malone on the mound. six kyes in five innings, second
11:55 pm
inning, chris carter called up yesterday. home runed. did the same today. adrian beltre tries it up with one swing of the bat. game tied. a's up 2-1 in the fifth. kinsler, the bloop single. two runs score. then josh hamilton, see ya. three run shot, his 25th of key year, a five-run fifth gives the rangers the victory. the first team to reach 50 wins this season. >> the 50-yard indoor war, saber cats in chicago. a pedestrian 3 # -- 360-yard. saber cats third in their division, with 75-51 victory. >> first day at wimbledon, always a great day. so many matches. 'fish moves on. for the women, serena got the doo going there. lost the first set.
11:56 pm
wasn't moving that great but came back in the ebb second. one of her 23 it's. tied at seven. the return goes wide. serena, i got this. match point. a little volley winner advances with the victory. >> tour de france, the 99th 99th version today. the four-mile individual time trial. switzer land's fabian cancellara won and opens tomorrow's stage one with the yellow jersey while lance armstrong fights off doping allegations again. nighttime racing in kentucky. ryan newman fines the wall. takes him out of the race. looks like my car. brad keselowski, third win of the year, first driver to win tree this season. >> let's tee it up. tiger's tournament, the at&t in maryland. an overnight storm wreaked have victory. le player0s to play it' the fans were not allowed.
11:57 pm
'clubmers followed tiger around. on 10, a birdie putt. four in his first ten holes. one back of brendan dejonge. three birdies on the day including this one on six. the current leader at 7-under. this sports report brought you by river rook casino and got to love the hot wheels. >> ama: yeah. >> alan: very cool. >> ama: thank you for joining captioned by closed captioning services inc.
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